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I hated the character of Chad for a long time (through no fault of Casey's - well, maybe a little), so it's a shame that he is leaving now that his character is actually likable and sharing scenes with Kate Mansi again, the person he has most consistently gelled with. Though I never really felt, as someone said on another site, that his character really got off the ground; I've never bought him as a truly accepted member of his family. Kristen, E.J., Stefano - they give Chad token gestures of affection here and there, but mostly he's like the kid being left out of the shady adult stuff. There is always something about his interactions with his family that leave me feeling that he's kept at an arm's length. Stefano has not really made anymore real efforts to build a more substantial relationship, E.J. has used him when it was convenient to do so, Kristen clearly has only a limited capacity to give a shit about anyone but herself and the objects of her revenge and she's chosen to E.J. as the brother to favor (though her interactions with Chad when she first came to town were very enjoyable and there should have been more of those). I think it's still very possible for someone else to come in and make this role their own. I also think it is possible and maybe even preferable to send this character away and sort of forget about him, given that he's been basically directionless for a long time.

Of the younger set, I would hate to see Kate Mansi and Freddie Smith go. I hope they stick around for awhile. Of course, Blake Berris is also a keeper. If they can keep him and he's interested in staying, they absolutely should. I also enjoy the actor playing J.J. a lot. Camila Banus, while gorgeous, I can leave or take. Chandler has been on autopilot for a long time and he's no longer delivering the kind of consistently solid performances he did previously. If he does leave to continue pursuing his education at UCLA, I fully support that and wish him nothing but the absolute best. Hopefully it won't mean that Sonny is put on the back burner. The character deserves to be front and center among the younger set.
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