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X-Files-Mulder & Scully

Brooke is truly pathetic, she knows if Hope gets Liam this time around, it is because Steffy gifted him to her. She is the default girl this time because Liam did not choose her outright. She told Taylor to back off with the meddling and let the grown adults handle their own problems, but yet she is manipulating, scheming, desperate, pathetic, and planning to get Lope together at any cost. She is afraid that if Liam knew the real reason Steffy left, he would want her back and not Hope. That is her fear because she can't have her daughter losing out to Taylor's daughter, just like she could not have her own daughter winning against her, which is why she slept with Deacon and Nick while with Bridget. When Bridget lost her child with Nick, she said that it was for the best when she thought she had an abortion. When she had an affair with her SIL (Deacons) she was telling Steffy, how she could not understand why nobody understood the love she had for Deacon. Of course, Stephanie put her in her place, she was not the victim in that affair and nor is she a victim now with Brill. I can't wait till Taylor blows Brill out of the water, that will be must see tv. Brooke will be scrambling trying to play the victim and saying with one tear falling down her face, how sorry she was. The whole time she was hiding it and enlisting her sister and Eric help to cover it up. When you have a sister like Brooke, who needs enemy. :lol: It will be interesting which side Hope and Rick take, but then again both of them are two losers anyway. Anybody who thinks a dead baby is a one way ticket to someone husband is a loser in my book. Rick has always been a loser, he got Caroline through manipulations and scheming, Caroline was a gift from his own mother. Now Rick is involved with an ex-con and pretty soon she will see what a loser Rick is too. She should have stuck with Carter, he is a man in every sense of the word, and Rick is a shrimp and small man at that. :lol:
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