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Jun 21 2013, 10:28 AM
We have to agree, both mothers played their roles in pushing her daughter.
But in my opinion Brooke seemed more hellbent than Taylor.
Taylor certainly didn't organize a surprise wedding in which the groom didn't know about.
Brooke on the other hand, is training her daughter to be just like her - to strike while the iron is hot.
That is dont even wait for him to mourn, jump him immediately.
But yes, both mothers played a role in that awful triangle.
If only the man was man enough to make a decision. Or better, if only the man was worth the effort.
Hope can't handle life challenges, which is why Brooke has to help her daughter get what she wants at the expense of every one else. Brooke is proud that Hope is just like her, she is peeing all over just thinking about it. She is disappointed that Bridget is not like her, perhaps she is jealous and still upset that Bridget was not Ridge after all because even after all her manipulation with Bridget, Ridge was still in love with Taylor and wanted nothing to do with her. It took Taylor dying the first time for Ridge to move on with Brooke. I remember a scene where Brooke was on the ground crying and begging Ridge, and Ridge back home to his loving wife Taylor and his children.
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