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Maybe Will and Gabi are presumed dead and Sonny vies for custody of Arianna vs. Sami? To me if both leave that is the perfect story and one that would keep me watching and truly establish Sonny as a main character in his age group. I'd love this story. Mix Adrienne in this vs. Sami and maybe even Justin vs. EJ. Huge story.

Still, not sure if Sonny vying for custody would make sense unless he had a legal right to the baby. If Gabi and Will leave him custody of her then fine, but why would Sami try to get custody if that's not what Will wanted? Unless they want to make Sami into a total bitch, can't see the writers going there.
Besides Sami already having become a total bitch years ago, I could see her arguing that she had more rights to the baby than Will's boyfriend of a couple of years.
Still, if those were Gabi and Will's legally expressed wishes would even Sami go there? I just can't fathom a good storyline out of it that does not villanize Sami completely. Bitch, yes. Villain, I can't see it. I can't even picture Everett going along with it.
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