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Viewing Single Post From: Friday, June 21st Daily Discussion

Jun 21 2013, 10:23 PM
I don`t like the non-consensual aspect of it. ITA about it being like a man slipping something into a woman`s drink and taking advantage of her. And that`s exactly what kristen has done to eric. I don`t like that one bit. DAYS really needs to hang up these non-consensual plot points in their storytelling. Its distasteful.
Exactly how is this hurting marlena. Frankly, kristen has no one but herself to blame for her predicament.
So count me in too as one that didn`t enjoy the sexual assault of eric.
Oh, it will definitely hurt Marlena. Having your son raped by the woman who tried to kill you, who poisoned your 4 year old daughter, and who assisted Stefano in kidnapping you would inflict massive pain on Marlena as a mother.

Kristen is a delusionally, psychotic villain who lives and breathes pain and torment. And yes, she does all this to herself with her irrational hatred. Every scheme against Marlena - whether she comes at her directly or through her children - is unfounded. Kristen thinks she's a victim of "mean" Marlena (and John), when instead she is the cause of it.

I definitely don't feel sorry for her and never did. Not in the 90s and not now. She is a cold villain and the master of her own destruction.

And Eileen plays it so well.
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