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Besides Sami already having become a total bitch years ago, I could see her arguing that she had more rights to the baby than Will's boyfriend of a couple of years.
Still, if those were Gabi and Will's legally expressed wishes would even Sami go there? I just can't fathom a good storyline out of it that does not villanize Sami completely. Bitch, yes. Villain, I can't see it. I can't even picture Everett going along with it.
Sami and Sonny seem to get along really well, so I could actually see Sami agreeing to let Sonny be the baby's primary caregiver, especially if this is what Will requested.

And it could create some interesting storylines for Sonny as he tries to provide a good life for Will's child. And at some point, Sonny could get a new boyfriend, and the boyfriend could have issues with Sonny raising his ex-boyfriend's daughter. So, I think that would be an intriguing avenue to explore.

I just hope Sonny doesn't get written out just because Will goes to jail/leaves town/whatever. Sonny has strong ties to Salem, so there are lots of storyline opportunities for him. I'd suggest bringing back Alex in order to draw a parallel between the Alex/Adrienne and Arianna/Sonny storylines.
I would hope they would keep Sonny/Freddie if Will/Chandler leaves.
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