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Very quick show when you ffwd through Sami and Maggie....

Loved the nekkid GV, but not a fan of what Kristen did to him. Really irritated with Dan today. Here's the thing -- JJ had only had that pad in his hand for a few seconds. It's entirely plausible that he had just picked it up to move it out of way or because he was looking for some paper. Yes, we know he wasn't, but Dan didn't know that. He assumed it because he's so pissed off about his car. Far more than about Parker, in my opinion.

JJ didn't actually remove the pad from the office, Dan did. Dan escalated the whole thing. At this point JJ is only guilty of touching the prescription pad for 10 seconds. Dan was the one who removed it from Cameron's office, was waving it around the waiting room, and then started talking about how serious it was for JJ to take it from the hospital.

But here's the thing I noticed -- and maybe someone else can tell me if I imagined it. The card that Dan sent to "Jenn" had a note inside and I'm about 99% sure it was on Salem University Hospital stationary. Given the size, it was likely written on a prescription pad. Good thing it's totally fine to write your girlfriend a "love note" about darts on those precious prescription pads. (Although, given how readily Dr. Orangelove takes his patients to bed, maybe that's a natural segue.)
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