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Jun 21 2013, 09:32 PM
Jun 21 2013, 09:19 PM
Jun 21 2013, 06:35 PM
Sad something like that can cause such a stir. I'll be sure to make a Tumblr later and act like I'm affiliated with someone and speculate on other actors. Maybe I'll say they're bringing back some of my favorites and extending others. I guess I could try to talk it into existence.

Its kind of a joke to say the show's younger set is a mess when everything we're going on is just speculation. Casey is gone. Chandler is probably gone. I'm not giving ANY other information any weight until we hear something new.
I'm not saying people should take any of the show-related information this person shared to heart, but Freddie Smith DID have dinner with a fan who donated a large amount to his Kickstarter project and was rewarded with a personal meet-up. This took place last night, there are both photographs and several videos to this affect, and tweets from both Freddie and his girlfriend tweeting to the person they met. It's easy enough to find if you go to his Twitter... he tweeted to the person that he'd see her 'tonight.'

I am sorry that what Freddie shared was upsetting to a lot of people. He may not even have the right info himself, who knows. I myself am trying to temper my sadness at the idea of Chandler leaving, and totally get why the news that Blake may possibly be gone soon would be upsetting as well. He's been brilliant.

I don't, however, think this person was trying to pretend anything at all. She's not 'affiliated' with Freddie, she just happened to donate enough to get a dinner with him, and he kindly answered her questions. Subsequently, she was equally kind enough to share her answers. She didn't need to do that at all, but I personally appreciated it, being unable to do something like that myself. Reading some of the reactions to this though, I'm beginning to think she shouldn't have...
Talking about the contract status of other actors is a strange thing to do though. It isn't his place.

Based on the tweets from last night, Freddie didn't exactly comment on the contract status of other actors. It has been expected that Freddie was eventually going to be asked about Chandler and he couldn't give a real answer to it anyway. He specifically said that everything was up in the air with Chandler and that it's possible that Chandler might be staying which is the same thing that Chandler said.

When a comment was made about Camila leaving in December, Freddie simply nodded his head. Nothing has come out about Freddie confirming that Blake was leaving when Camila is either. That appears to be a comment from the woman who as at the dinner, not Freddie. To sum up, nothing has been confirmed, denied or even truly spoken about when it comes to the contract status of CM, CB and BB. No need for anybody to make it into something it never was. :)
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