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Panda Panda
Jun 21 2013, 06:36 PM
Jun 21 2013, 06:32 PM
Jun 21 2013, 05:21 PM
I noticed that Kristen went back into her room (through a connecting door??) right after the second shot. Eric started moaning for a few minutes, then she returned. I imagine she set up a video camera to record them having sex when she left the room.
That's what I'm thinking too. Otherwise what's the point? She had sex with him but no one knows and there's no proof. Though raping anyone mush less a priest is sick.
Yeah but she wasn't wearing her disguise when she came back and if she set up a camera there were plenty of opportunities for her to be caught. I don't know, it;s pretty weird. I wished they just told us what she was planning to do instead of turning it into another mini mystery.
O.K. I admit I'm too stupid to understand Kristen's plan. Again. I remember reading somewhere spoilers that say

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(My speculation). So, maybe it's not about what's happening now, but what will happen to Eric in the future. Maybe the potion has some long lasting effect - so in the future he will lust after her and/or other women being fully consciuos. Only the start has to be made.... :shrug: .

I don't think there can be a plausible medical explanation of that but who knows - it's "Days".
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