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Maybe the drug is supposed to completely change Eric's personality and destroy his morality. If that's the case, perhaps Eric will quit the priesthood and start hooking up with prostitutes. I think Kristen slept with Eric in order to jumpstart his libido so that the effects of the drug will be increased. Eric might remember sleeping with a blonde woman, but maybe he won't be able to remember the blonde woman's face. (And if Eric has sexual memories of being with a blonde woman, this might create -- or increase -- Eric's sexual desire for Nicole.)

This type of plan would allow Kristen to kill two birds with one stone: First, Kristen would destroy Marlena by turning Marlena's son into a crazy sex addict. Second, once Eric starts going cray-cray, Nicole will probably devote all her time to figuring out what's wrong with Eric (and Eric might make sexual advances towards Nicole), which will keep Nicole away from Brady.

The doctor who gave the drugs to Kristen acted like the drugs were super special, so I do hope the drugs have some wild effects that totally mess with Eric's mind and moral center.
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