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Viewing Single Post From: Friday, June 21st Daily Discussion
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Jun 22 2013, 09:17 AM
You're right. Nick's rape happened in prison, off screen but these others, including the Sami/Austin rape. It's so shameful how flippant the show is being about the whole thing.
Not entirely true. Sami/alan and Jenn's rape were both seriously done. Austin's drugging was told a teen's desperation story. Had Sami's been Austin's age it might have been different.

Ej and Sami was treated first like a rape then turned to a rape that was Sami's fault, then a missunderstanding caused by Sami and never to be spoken about again.

Sami's first rape harden the character but allowed viers to feel for her. Her second rape basically said its all good to rape. Yo u get everything you want and then can blame her for not understanding your emotions.
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