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Viewing Single Post From: TOLN Announces No More Foul Language on AMC/OLTL
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The eased in fuck a few times I think. I at least remember Jesse clearly saying it but not "saying it" if anyone remembers that scene?

They used shit a LOT honestly, however, I hear it so much in every day life (honestly, from EVERYONE) that I rarely pay it any attention anymore. Not saying it's probably right but just how it is.

I'm disappointed they're likely listening to just a really loud bunch of 'fans' who are all prude. I mean, really? Hearing a soap character say shit is going to upset your day? LOL. To each their own I suppose. However, I think it was a loud bunch of crazies. They DID overuse the word Shit. I'll give them that. It was becoming obnoxious as if they were trying to use it as much as possible so it is their own damn fault in the end.
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