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S loves EJ

Jun 22 2013, 12:37 PM
It does seem like they are skipping over some beats in the show. Sami making bail. EJ finding out Sonny saw the video. Those I can kind of dismiss. I really don't care to see Sami any more than she is already on. The Sonny/EJ thing, well there probably wasn't much to show anyway. It would have been one scene with EJ and Chad. Eh. But I do think we should have seen the whole Jennifer and Hope conversation regarding Kristen. Especially after that whole conversation between Jen and Kristen where nothing was ever revealed regarding why the wedding was canceled. I kind of would have liked seeing Jennifer get that information about her supposed friend.

Funny how Will could tell something was bothering Sonny. But I guess Will is really good at hiding his own feelings because you'd think he'd be upset by the whole thing with Adrienne. I'm still waiting for that whole conversation.

As far as the whole Eric/Kristen thing....it doesn't bother me as much as a lot of you. I don't know... We aren't supposed to like what she's doing. What she's doing is evil and terrible...and it's a soap. I wish she had a better plan because so far this just seems weird, its not making a lot of sense...but it isn't making me all queasy. Kristen is an evil, psycho bitch....so yeah. I don't think any actual sex is going to happen though. I'll be surprised if it does. I think he will not remember much and just think it happened with some sort of "proof".

Yes itīs a soap. I didnīt understood those complaining about the gay storyline being sinful, since the show is breaking the 10 commands all the time.

You shall not kill
You shall not steal
You shall not committ adultery etc
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