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But with this show, you can never know. Eric has seen Kristen for who she is from the get go (& so did Brady but look how that turned out) what's to stop him from having sexual fantasies about his time with her after the effects of the drugs wear off thereby nullifying her actions because he doesn't need that little push she gave him. It's sickening what she did to him. I could've accepted her staging the scene, taking a couple of damning photos as long as she didn't perform the act of sleeping with him against his will. Eric may be a judgemental prude but he IS a priest and didn't deserve this. Had Nicole done as Kristen did. I would've been equally disgusted by it I don't care how in love she says she is. What is so wrong with people having consensual sex to tell stories? Rapes are never fun. They are something I will never enjoy in any capacity, not Jack/Kayla, Lawrence/Jennifer, Sami/Alan, Sami/Austin, Ej/Sami, and definitely not Kristen/Eric. IT'S SO WRONG! I will ever be grateful they never showed us Jensen/Nick because I don't think I could deal with the savagery of that particular one. Referring to it in past tense was creepy enough. As for Jack/Alan/Jensen they got their just reward (as did Sami somewhat & Lawrence but I could be wrong that) However concerning Eeeeej and his sister, I have no such delusions this show will ever treat them as they should.
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