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Jun 21 2013, 10:07 AM
Jun 20 2013, 09:11 PM
She's the most deserving person from Days history. I would say Frances Reid deserved one for her loooong tenure, but soap stars getting stars are few and far between. I believe there's 5 people who are mostly soap stars. Deidre would be the 6th.

ETA : Aside from Mac, but he already has one!
Congrats to Deidre! Well-deserved. But how in the world did Kate Linder get one? I know there's a hefty fee involved. I hope that isn't all that got Kate in.
She paid the fee. From what someone told me back when people were "applying" for DH to get one after Linder of all people, there's a difference in whether you have enough people that matter applying for you and you're willing to pay the maintenence fee (back then it was 10,000 or 12,000 dollars a year, which is ridiculous). Some don't have to pay, because they've gotten donations or whatever, and some are given it by the committe. From what I read on boards back then (so I don't know for sure), DH didn't think it should be an "apply and win" thing (as in, fans complained enough and they gave it to her), she felt it was an honor and honors are given for the work you've done.

The applying process is based on whether you've worked in the business for a long enough time (which is 10 years last I heard) and if you pay the maintenence fee.
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