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Nick Brock @NickBrock
Seriously dead. @ChandlerMassey knew @FireworkSpencer and I from our tweets. #TryingToPlayItCool http://t.co/pSWjICVlqn
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Spencer Barrett @FireworkSpencer
@ChandlerMassey is THE BEST. http://t.co/xoXHIJLtIy
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Spencer Barrett @FireworkSpencer
Meeting @chandlermassey! He hugged me!
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Anthony Skordi @AnthonySkordi
@sourcewilliam in preparation for art exhibition on #Paros, #Greece. @ChandlerMassey @GiseleLubsen Rock it. More amazing #Images to follow

Greg Hernandez @greghernandez
#ChandlerMassey rides in #Gay Pride Parade in Columbus Ohio: “It was unreal!”
http://t.co/qsBQZC76MM @DOOLWEB @GaysOfDays @nbcdays

CMasseyFans @cmasseyfans
Awesome story (+ photos) from a fan who met @ChandlerMassey at Columbus Pride today!
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Will @sourcewilliam
Just found this photo I took of @mollydollyy teaching @ChandlerMassey how to pose lol
spring 2011. There's more on my FB page https://t.co/jrjBpYNU0Y

Chandler Massey @ChandlerMassey
So much fun! “@jeffballard chandler greeting his happy fans at the Gay Pride Parade in Columbus, Ohio. @nbcdays
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Jen Lilley @jen_lilley
Wait, @ChandlerMassey you're not following me!? That better be a twitter glitch :) xoxo

Chandler Massey @ChandlerMassey
@jen_lilley just playing hard to get

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley
oh snap!! haha! we should pitch the train :) @ChandlerMassey just playing hard to get
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