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I wonder if DAYS didn't want to spend the money to build a courtroom set (or reconstruct an old courtroom set) just for a few scenes during the bail hearing? (This makes me wonder if we'll actually see Sami on trial in a courtroom.) However, EJ and Sami definitely should've mentioned the bail hearing when they were talking in the DiMera mansion at the start of the episode. How much money did Sami's bail cost? Did the prosecutor want Sami to be remanded without bail? Was the courtroom a media circus? These are questions that I think should've been answered within the context of the episode.

And now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if the judge will revoke Sami's bail if/when Adrienne shows the video to the cops? The video would prove that Sami was lying about barely knowing Bernardi, and the video makes it seem like Sami had a grudge against Bernardi. So, I could see the judge sending Sami back to jail until the trial because the judge is pissed that Sami lied to the cops, which hindered the murder investigation. Also, the video damages Sami's chances of being acquitted, so the judge might think Sami is more of a flight risk, which would also give the judge a reason to revoke Sami's bail.
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