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Jun 22 2013, 02:36 PM
Chandler and Blake are super talented so it would seem very unlikely any recasts would feel good enough after those two. I wouldn't want them to be replaced..

I personally have never liked how American soaps recast old characters, that has never happened here so maybe that's why I've never really gotten used to it. I'd much rather see soaps doing right casting decisions to start with (sadly Days usually favors pretty faces and great bodies over the talent) and if the actor decides to leave, the show should give a character a proper send-off, weather it's temporary or permanent (killing the character off preferably for good).

Here soap characters don't come back from the death except for some villains but in those cases they make sure the actual dying part is never showed on-screen. Instead, if the actor wants to leave permanently, they give a proper send-off with drama. The writers then try to come up with new characters and families to replace the old ones and they build up the new characters' backgrounds little by little, letting the viewers grow liking the new characters. I find they do mostly really good job there. And they also have pretty much all age groups always covered. And the cast members are allowed to look like real people, they don't have to look like some front cover models. That concept has proven to work really well as that soap is still after 14 years one of the most watched drama shows here beating clearly every Hollywood prime time series, and there are also spin-offs, a movie and plenty of books made of that show..
I don't agree...not entirely, anyway, because sometimes the original actor leaves. He/she can't or doesn't want to return, and the recast makes the role his/her own.

Think of Matt. Mary Beth. Martha madison. Chandler himself was a recast.

Sometimes a recast brings something really good to the role.
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