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Jun 22 2013, 03:42 PM
Jun 22 2013, 01:48 PM
Days has always been a soap built around love and relationships. And Nicole deserves love like everyone else.
Shoot, I`ve been waiting on the show to tackle nicole`s abuse/tragic childhood, baby losses, etc. for eons now...it ain`t gonna happen. Throughout the years, instead of using her for a foil for the ariannas and taylors of the world, some rich development for nicole could have ensued by now. Plus there`s no reason why she has to stay stag/wave the `I`m Miss Independent` flag while everyone else in salem is finding love/true romance.
And uncle vic, who is he to snub anybody with his mobbish ass?Just because he`s hooked up with saint mcruffles, he think his opinion really counts. It don`t mean jack. As for the vic/nicole marriage, they`ve both done some things. But to paint nicole as the biggest baddest wolf in the whole thing doesn`t make sense to me. I also agree that nicole is probably one of the actual few that has gone to jail and paid for his/her crime or been ostrascized by the salemites. Even now brady/eric are the only ones who treat her with kindness. So in a sense she is still `paying`.
So victor can take his shriveled up, degrading remarks and choke on them.
I love the way you think. What a wonderful backstory.....possibly going to marlena, delving into her past. And AZ would SO kick a story like that! If they can handle Nick's situation, they can do this.
AZ has said more than once she wants Nicole to face the demons that haunt her from her abusive childhood.

The writers will only take into consideration what a certain diva wants for herself.
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