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TV Guide Spoilers - 6/24-6/28

Monday, 6/24
Maya is given a big break in her acting career thanks to an anonymous benefactor;
Hope experiences a fairy-tale moment when a mystery man comes to her rescue.

Tuesday, 6/25
Bill attempts to convince Liam to reconcile with Steffy;
Katie plans a party for Brooke and feels immense guilt about her accusations toward her sister and husband.

Wednesday, 6/26
Katie overhears a private conversation between her sisters;
Taylor grills Eric about whether he's the new man in Brooke's life.

Thursday, 6/27
Bill questions Brooke about withholding info from him;
Taylor looks for incriminating evidence to will prove her theory correct.

Friday, 6/28
Family and friends gather for Brooke's birthday party;
Taylor shares with Eric the info she learned while snooping at the hospital.
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