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Jun 22 2013, 09:33 AM
Jun 22 2013, 09:17 AM
You're right. Nick's rape happened in prison, off screen but these others, including the Sami/Austin rape. It's so shameful how flippant the show is being about the whole thing.
Even with Nick's rape, I doubt we're going to see any kind of counseling for him. I'll be surprised if it's even mentioned again.
I think you're right about Nick.He gave heart wrenching performances between the time he was taken hostage by Jensen and his conversation with Maggie showing how his rape in prison turned him into a different person then we see him today its as if none of that happened.I thought they might atleast have a few therapy sessions with someone to work through this but I guess the rape thing with Nick is all but over unless they decide to have him mention it to Gabi.Thank God we had Vargas to remind Nick he still has a wife who actually loved him.
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