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Sweet and Salty
Jun 22 2013, 07:27 PM
Jun 22 2013, 11:01 AM
Gods, raping a priest has made Kristen 1,000% irredeemable. This has left SUCH a bad taste in my mouth it's not even funny. Maybe it's because this is coming on the heels of GH handling rape in an extremely insensitive way recently, but what Kristen just did was not enjoyable to watch. AT ALL.
99% of Soaps are immoral. Rape is no worse than adultery. I'm not condoning it in any which way. It's just when we become tolerant of one "immoral" behavior, and become intolerant to another, we come across as the "H" word. (After what happened to Paula Deen today I figure I better watch my word, in case the Word Police are watching).
Rape is worse than adultery because adultery involves consent while rape does not,therefore,I don't find that being against one and not condemning the other to be hypocritical.Since this thread is for discussion of the Friday episode of Days,I have no comment concerning Paula Deen .
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