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Jun 23 2013, 01:20 AM

I think that's a good guess. I'm leaning to the meth lab theory someone proposed earlier. The only question is whether the show would call a set at that house "Jennifer's __________" versus "Horton ___________." I would think all of the other sets from that house use the label "Horton." (Also, if that were it, I'd call a minor foul. Yesterday, purely by coincidence, a friend sent me through Amazon a used copy of "A Tour Through Salem," a Days book from the 1990s that has blueprints of most of the major Days homes. The blueprint for the Horton house shows it doesn't have a "utility" room.)

Another possibility for the clues:


I could see Jennifer taking to the web to bemoan her wayward son and the state of her relationship with Dr. Tan. The only thing is that I don't see why she would need a set for that. This is Days, so she would probably do all her writing at the coffeehouse or in the middle of HTS where she could conveniently be available for random encounters with the rest of the cast.
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