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Of course soaps are going to have events/things/storylines that pass the envelope, but the issue with Days is that it doesn't handle those issues well in many cases, case in point, rape. In most instances, it is written and then passed off as anything except what it is-- a crime of violence. Now, if I felt that this scenario with Eric/Kristen would be handled responsibly or truthfully, I'd have no problem. Instead, I'm already prepared for the day when he remembers his "passionate encounter" with her and then she ends up pregnant or something (if she succeeds in raping him) and then all is written off as their simply having had sex.

It's wrong, pure and simple, and TPTB at Days should steer clear of this topic forever because it's always swept under the rug. They don't like dealing with the results/consequences of rape, then they shouldn't write it in the first place.
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