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Jun 23 2013, 07:29 AM
Jun 23 2013, 07:17 AM
Jun 23 2013, 01:12 AM
Thursday ("Mother and Son Fight")
Jennifer loses it when she catches JJ with an older woman
Please let this be Anne! I can't imagine Jennifer would become outraged by JJ having a girlfriend around his own age; but if he's with someone Jennifer hates, like Anne, then she might blow a fuse.
I think it's Jen Lilley's character. She definitely looks older than JJ.

Since JL has spoiled that her character is going to be doing bad things, I suspect that she and JJ are going to join forces to keep Jennifer and Daniel apart.
I hope Sonny is friends with Jen Liley's character, partially because I'd like to see Sonny and JJ remember that they too are related. I would really like to see JJ have people in his corner, and alas Abby is to high on the Daniel Kool-Aid to fit the bill. Also, perhaps Adrienne could turn some of her mama bear concern towards her wayward nephew. Adrienne and Jack did love each other a whole lot, and she would be a natural person for JJ to gravitate towards given that she hasn't quickly replaced Jack in her life.

I had to think about the family tree, but if Jenn Liley turned out to be Jeannie Donovan, that wouldn't make this incestuous. Jeannie would be related to Will (cousin once removed) and but not to any Johnsons or Hortons.
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