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Jun 23 2013, 04:03 AM
So apparently when Will confesses all, he doesn't mention the video with Sami because then why would Abby have a problem keeping it to herself. They would already know about it.
I highly doubt that Will will say anything to Abe. As a matter of fact, I bet he won't. Ejami will talk him out of it and he will keep mum. It is in character for Will to threaten and do nothing.

It does not not make sense anyway for him to confess now. If Will was going to confess, he should have done it when Nick started blackmailing him to give up his daughter. Instead, he was willing to walk away from his own child to protect this secret. Besides, if he was really making the sacrifice for his family so they won't get in trouble, his reasons are still valid because Lucas would still get in trouble as will Bope and Roman. Not to mention, while it might confirm that Bernadi is crooked, but it will also give Sami a motive. So his confession will hurt more than it would help.

I do think that Adrienne will use the video to blackmail Will or she may just turn it in to the prosecutor.
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