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Jun 23 2013, 08:12 AM
Yeah, I'm not even going to compare rape to adultery. Both are wrong but one is an encounter of two CONSENTING adults and one is an crime of violence and power. They are NOT equal....you can go to jail for rape....but not adultery.....

I don't have issues with rape stories on soaps. Unfortunately rape is a part of real life and soaps SHOULD tackle real life issues as part of stories they depict.....my main issue is when they try to glorify rape, reward a rapist, sweep the rape under the rug, whitewash the characters that committed it and then try to write it as a romance....it's vile and disgusting and I just hope that Days doesn't ONCE AGAIN go down that road here with Kristen and Eric.....because if that is what they are planning, then it's beyond ridiculous and I've hung on after the most disgusting storyline IMHO that Days has ever depicted but if they go there again with Eric and Kristen then I just might turn off the tv and forget about Days altogether.
I agree. I would like to see them at least attempt to treat this storyline as they did Jack/Kayla & Jennifer/Lawrence and not whitewash it. Drugging your victim and then forcing yourself on them when they are unable to think rationally or object to what is being done to them is rape. There is no 2 ways about it. If/When Eric gets his memory back I hope his reaction fits the crime. Greg Vaughn has the talent needed for such a storyline. Rape is a traumatic and horrible crime and if Days wants to portray a character being raped then they need to also show the emotional aftermath of the rape. If they do it right, Greg could have some Emmy material for next year.
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