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Jun 23 2013, 09:54 AM
What I don't get is how Days' treatment of rape is different than their treatment of any other crime. They regularly gloss over the fallout of EVERYTHING - rape, beatings, murder, kidnapping, etc. Obviously rape is one of the more heinous of these crimes, but it is definitely not unique in being written as no big deal a few months later.
This is an issue that goes so far past Days. That's what makes it so difficult to discuss. I do think the trivializing of it is harmful in a way that's unique to the crime, but Days is hardly the only show that has that problem. Ultimately, it'd be nice if they'd stop glossing over everything. It's give them much more story potential and better characters.

Also, all sins are equal in God's eyes but since we are not God, some sins are worse than others under human morality and laws. Biblically speaking, adultery isn't just cheating on a spouse. Therefore, any sexual relationship on Days outside of marriage would be sin. But when we're talking about a show or even real life, we're not talking about how God judges sin; we're talking about people.
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