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Jun 23 2013, 10:47 AM
Jason, I have always loved your work and it has also peaked my curiosity about what got you into doing this? What made you decide to start collecting stats?
I guess I was just born to like stats. My first real "collection" was when I started collecting TV Guides in the 1980s. Then, after watching "Days" for most of 1990, I guess since it was the only "daily/5 times a week" show that I watched, I wanted to keep track of who was on each day, which I started doing in January 1991. And then it just became part of my daily routine...this was years before the internet was even born, so it wasn't like I had plans on releasing the info to the entire world...it just worked out that way. And of course, back then, I was always hopeful that I'd eventually somehow/someway be able to get all of the daily cast/set lists from 1965-1990 that I was missing. It was just a "fantasy" wish back then, but who knew over 20 years later that it would come to pass and I'd not only have all the info for myself, but I'd also get to post the info for everyone who was interested in seeing it. And sometime next year, or in early 2015, that process which started way back in 1990 will finally be complete, when I release the almost 50+ years of daily cast/set lists on my site. Can't believe the project, which started in 1990, and will be about 25 years in the making, will finally be all complete within the next year or two!! :)
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