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Jun 23 2013, 01:12 AM
Monday ("Decision")
Sami is anxious to hear the outcome from the grand jury; Abigail has doubts about keeping Sami's secret; JJ gives Daniel a warning.

Tuesday ("Sami's Fate")
Sonny's friend wonders if he is making the right choice by staying with Will; Nick and Gabi reach a decision about their marriage.

Wednesday ("Jennifer Makes Choices")
Jennifer advises Daniel that they need time apart; JJ meets a girl who peaks his curiosity; Justin and EJ are concerned that Stefano is onto them.

Thursday ("Mother and Son Fight")
Jennifer loses it when she catches JJ with an older woman; Gabi shares her feelings to Abigail about her living situations.

Abigail encounters an awkward situation when she sees Cameron and Chad; Adrienne gets close to discovering something crucial.

JJ gives Daniel a warning.Can't wait since JJ is not hiding his disdain for Daniel in their one on one conversations.
Sort of interested in whether Nick and Gabi try to work on their marriage or Nick and Gabi just move on with their lives.
Sick of Jennifer and Daniel getting together and parting.How many times is thing going to happen??? If Stfefano is on to EJ/Justin " concerned" is an understatement as to what they should feel.
It's too bad they killed Arianna and sent Dario abroad leaving Abby as the only person with whom Gabi can logically discuss her feelings with given that Abby is Will's cousin.Maybe they should have had her talk to Nicole since she is friends with Rafe,has kind of been in her shoes, and would not have much of an agenda of her own.
We have had Alice's letter,the twosie,the envelope/picture of doom.We now have the video of doom.Any bets on when Adrienne actually sees it?
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