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Jun 23 2013, 10:58 AM
I loving the Justin and Adrienne spoilers. And I'm really curious about the one with Adrienne and the video and how that may play out. Honestly, I can't see Adrienne blackmailing Will with it. That's not in her nature, but who knows maybe she does some Bonnie in her lol. (who I hated lol). Who knows... I will be curious to see what she does with it though. If it adds more drama for these two- then bring it on.

I really hope that the Justin/EJ partnership will be successful against Stefano. Something new for a change I would hope lol. But hey more Justin- Woohoo. And please throw some Victor into this story too. Instead of worrying about Nicole and the crap with Brady, why can't I get Victor to have more interaction with his damn nephew. Need some Justin/Victor scenes and maybe Victor finding out about Justin's partnership and maybe to help lol. Instead of wasting with the Brady crap, he should be more involved with Justin's stuff too.

And I hope Sonny's friend will knock some sense into him about those living arrangements.

If JJ's action would lead to Bitchifer having her meltdown taking place out of Salem and take Dr.Arrogant with her, then bring it on other than that I have no interest in this story.

Despite some stories- sounds like another exciting week. Can't wait. :)

Justin working with ej should make problems with Adrienne because what ej did to Steve and the only o way I wanted victor when ej to busy to take Stefano from company victor take over.Victor works with ej after ej put hit on Phillp victor still have problem with Chloe. I do not see able to work with ej
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