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Panda Panda
Jun 23 2013, 04:22 PM
Jun 23 2013, 04:35 AM
Panda Panda
Jun 22 2013, 01:57 PM
Nicole went to jail once and she didn't even serve her full term. She blackmailed Anna into using her Governor "friend" to give Nicole a full pardon.
She also went to jail when accused of Trent s murder. Which she didn't do.
How does that even remotely play into your argument of "Nicole paid for crimes" if she was sent to jail for something she didn't do?

In any case, the videos you're posting has nothing to do with what this conversation was originally about, "The Brady/Black brothers are stupid for lusting after women who tried to kill members of their family"

Which Nicole has done. Repeatedly. Whether or not the person "deserved" it is so beyond the point that it's in another solar system.

This is literally the most irksome conversation I've been in since I joined DR, so I'm just going to drop out before I develop an ulcer, especially considering that theconvo looks as though it's about to segway into another Sami Brady argument.
My points.

1) Even when she doesn't commit a crime Nicole still pays for it as opposed to committing crimes and having them glossed over and forgotten. She pays for it either by time in jail or by losing everything in life that is important to her.

2) The reason Brady is able to forgive Nicole for trying to kill his grandfather is because he knew how his grandfather Victor was treating Nicole at the time. He understands Nicole's past, he understands how his grandfather is able to make people feel powerless and unable to stand up to him. While he doesn't condone what Nicole did and pushed her away for it he understands why she would have done what she did. I also think he feels guilty for the way he treated her hence her being one of the first stops on his post rehab apology list.

3) I have no comments on why either of them are able to forgive Nicole for trying to kill Marlena. Think that was in the period Australia skipped.
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