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I'm trying to figure out what this new set could be. It looks like it might be somebody's office.

I also think there's another portion of the set outside the office door. In the pictures that Deidre previously posted on her Facebook, it looked like the cast was standing in a large open area with the red/swirly wallpaper. So, maybe the set is the reception area and office of some corporate building. Actually, since it looks like the cast is filming party scenes in the new set, maybe the large open area is a redecorated Penthouse Grille in the Titan Building, and the office could belong to Brady/Victor/Justin. (Actually, it mostly looks like the type of office that Victor would have.)

Deidre seems to be working with John Aniston quite a bit, so if the new set is the Titan building, maybe there's a Kiriakis business-related storyline coming up, and Marlena is somehow involved. (Perhaps Victor gives Will a job at Titan, and Marlena gets concerned that Will is doing shady stuff, so Marlena wants to keep an eye on Will and/or Victor.)

Granted, the red wallpaper would more likely hint at a new Chez Rouge set, but it doesn't seem like Maggie would decorate her office in the manner that's seen in the Ari/Deidre photo. LOL, now I'm done playing detective, and I have to go do my laundry! ;)
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