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The Room Stops
Jun 23 2013, 11:58 AM
Jun 22 2013, 09:18 PM
Jun 22 2013, 09:03 PM
Why is Marlena hanging around so much with Victor?!
Victor is Brady's grandfather. Probably trying to get Brady away from
Kristen or Nicole. Or both.

I don't think it's an attempted pairing. They better not try one. I want John coming back to fight for her and their marriage.
She did say "partner in crime"... so they're probably teaming up to "save" Brady.
I would love for the character John to come back and fight for the love of his life. Saying that, If the character can't come back as the John Black many of us knows, then I think he should stay out of Salem. I don't take this lightly, been watching since 69' long before we ever knew of the character or actor. IMO, I "think" the the actor is a happy and sincere person when he is on set or in his real life. That's why I could not understand why he couldn't play this "different" John. IMO, when an actor is a happy person, no matter how the character is being portrayed he should be able to give his all 100 percent, even though the actor dose not like the direction the character is going, lol, I could be way out of left field saying this, but I do want the character back, J/M had me at day one! So I'm hoping that DH will be back as John hitting it out of the ball park :)
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