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Jun 23 2013, 06:52 PM
S loves EJ
Jun 23 2013, 06:42 PM
Jun 23 2013, 06:03 PM
EM, SC, AZ, and DH have all had to dodge punches and have been physically assaulted in the street. Others most likely have to, I just don't know about their run-ins with dangerous fans.

Oh and GG , JR, and RJ have all recieved racist hatemail. I hope the little boy who plays Theo hasn't, or if he has, an adult got to it before he could see it.

Since JS plays such a hated character I would Think he probably been subjected to it more than others, regardless two wrongs doesn´t make one right.
I think what makes me less sympathetic to the plight of JS and AS is their glowing support of the pairing without addressing the rape given the political climate we are in. Acknowledge it. Work through it. Don't come out with the brilliant statement from AS that Sami was not a victim, then have her fall in love with her victim. In a world where a politician can make the statement that if a woman is about to be raped she should just "lie back and enjoy it"statements like AS's are totally irresponsible.

I for one don't buy that the writers did not see the potential in Ejami pre-rape. The characters shared enough scenes. It's a line they never should have crossed, and if they did they shouldn't have shoved the rape under the rug.
The characters did address the rape, before they conceived Sydney. It may not have been addressed in the way that some people would wish it to be, but it was addressed.

I honestly don't understand why Alison saying that Sami isn't a victim upsets people. Plenty of people who have been raped or subjected to violence in real life refuse to declare themselves victims. They are empowered by rising above what's happened to them, and refuse to be defined by it.

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