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Jun 23 2013, 04:21 PM
Done the research now.

'Alan came to Salem as Lucas' old buddy from West Point. Alan became infatuated with Carrie and even tried to rape her at Green Mountain Lodge. However, once Alan learned that Carrie had lost her virginity to Austin, Alan decided to go after Carrie's sister Sami. Alan dated Sami and eventually raped her. When Sami finally came forward, with this fact, Lucas and Carrie came up with a plan to trap Alan. Carrie attempted to trick Alan into admitting that he raped Sami. Carrie went to his apartment, but was shocked when she found a shrine to her in Alan's bathroom. Carrie saw a ski mask and realized that Alan was the person of attempted to rape her at Green Mountain Lodge. Sami learned what her sister was attempting to do and she raced to Alan's apartment. Alan took both Sami and Carrie hostage, but Austin and the police managed to save them. A rape trial followed. In an attempt to make Sami look like a liar, the defense made Carrie admit that her sister had lied about many things in the past. Alan was found not guilty and Sami vowed to destroy Carrie's relationship with Austin.

After a good amount of time had past, Alan showed back up to get his revenge on Sami. Alan had a gun and intended to rape Sami again. Alan and Sami fought on the docks and Sami managed to get the gun from Alan. Sami shot Alan in the crotch, which maimed him for life. Lucas managed to get Alan drunk in the hospital and got Alan to admit to raping Sami and many other woman. Alan was sent to prison.'
Thank you for doing the research. I could not remember all the details. It was so long ago LOL.
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