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Jun 23 2013, 05:58 PM
I don't consider Pocket a child he "lost". He pretty much went "enh. I don't need him. You can have him." from what I remember.
He fought tooth and nail to get Pocket. Chased the surrogate all over the place, trying to find his child while Steve and Kayla were raising him all the while. He fought with Steve and Kayla over him. Then Pocket was sick, his foster family adored him, and Kayla convinced Philip to let Pocket go. And Philip just gave up. It was all very, very, very stupid.

Just like the Parker retcon is very, very, very stupid. Parker should be a Kiriakis. And Tyler should come back someday, all hell on wheels, fighting for the Kiriakis fortune.

But this is Days, and Philip is neither 1) ever allowed to be successful in love or 2) have a child of his own.

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