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Jun 23 2013, 04:21 PM
Sweet and Salty
Jun 23 2013, 03:31 PM
Jun 23 2013, 08:12 AM
Yeah, I'm not even going to compare rape to adultery. Both are wrong but one is an encounter of two CONSENTING adults and one is an crime of violence and power. They are NOT equal....you can go to jail for rape....but not adultery.....

I don't have issues with rape stories on soaps. Unfortunately rape is a part of real life and soaps SHOULD tackle real life issues as part of stories they depict.....my main issue is when they try to glorify rape, reward a rapist, sweep the rape under the rug, whitewash the characters that committed it and then try to write it as a romance....it's vile and disgusting and I just hope that Days doesn't ONCE AGAIN go down that road here with Kristen and Eric.....because if that is what they are planning, then it's beyond ridiculous and I've hung on after the most disgusting storyline IMHO that Days has ever depicted but if they go there again with Eric and Kristen then I just might turn off the tv and forget about Days altogether.
There is a third person no one seems to be considering. Two people are consenting, but is the third person who is fully trusting their spouse? Also, there are other countries besides America. Some countries condemn people to death for adultory.
Being a victim of adultery and being a victim of rape are pretty vastly different. I can't speak for everyone, but I'd much rather someone cheat on me than rape me. But it's not some sort of competition between who is the bigger victim and who is the bigger jerk. Ultimately, Salem is in America, and in America one of these actions is a crime and the other isn't. Days doesn't seem to handle the consequences of either action very well anymore.
ITA...and like I said before I don't have a problem with rape being depicted on a soap and since it's a soap I expect those that commit rape to get away with it from time to time and not be punished by the law...but ultimately this is a soap and those that do these things usually don't get everything they want, or they get beaten and only through years of a good redemption story can fans begin to accept this character as a changed person...what I hate is how this show trivializes rape, how they make it so that the person who commits it, not only gets to plant his seed, but he's rewarded with a son, he ultimately gets the girl too, then for years the fact that he raped her isn't even mentioned because the soap handled it so wrongly that they don't even want to remind viewers that it happened, because you know, the character has 'changed'.....in other words, not been redeemed but whitewashed. The victim instead of hating on him for years will immediately turn and forgive him, lean on him for support and be very forgiving for something she would not forgive anyone for. There is a precedent with the character of Sami....she shot her last rapist in the balls with no apology...but somehow I'm suppose to believe that she loves EJ? It's the fact that they romanticize rape that is wrong, not the fact that they depict rape in the stories on soaps.....let's face it...Sami who historically holds grudges for years and years, didn't even hold a grudge on EJ for more than a few months.....then she was constantly following him around town to make sure that he knew that she was willing to play along with his vendetta crap. Hopefully Days has learned and won't do the same with Kristen and Eric... .
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