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Jun 23 2013, 09:43 PM
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I think that is the plan. She wants Marlena to know she had a full serving of her son. Marlena will know what's going on but won't be able to prove it. They made it point to let the viewers know that the drug was totally untraceable. The church and the town might even think it was consensual sex which will tarnish Eric's reputation and humiliate him while Marlena will be powerless.

Of course, this is a stupid plan which is going to blow up in her face. She will lose Brady for good and her stupid scheme is also going to drive a wedge between her and the one person who cares about her, Eej. Let's face if Ej has to choose between his family with Samantha and his other family, he will choose his Samantha everything no question asked.

I stand by what I said before. Using Marlena's kids to get to her is being a coward. I would root for Kristen if she went after Marlena directly by facing her woman to woman bitch to bitch. May the best worst one win.
She can't beat Marlena woman to woman. Marlena won't do evil, which makes it harder because Kristen has to pack on the lies, and those always unravel in the end. It'd just be fun watching her try. And going through her kids IS far less entertaining IMO. I don't give a shit about her ruining Eric, I wanted Nicole to be the reason Eric has to leave the priesthood.
That's why Nicole vs Kristen is so much fun. Neither woman have problems getting in the mud and fighting dirty. And both have done bad stuff, so neither of them can claim moral authority. Both can scheme and plot, and it's not out of character for either one.

I don't have a problem with them bad mouthing Kristin for the bitch she is but I do not want Nicole to be the reason Eric" has" to leave the priesthood.If I have to hear Sami,Marlena,Victor,Jennifer,Maggie,and all of Salem talking shit to and about Nicole because she caused Eric to "have to "not "choose to"leave the priesthood,I definitely will abandon Days without looking back.
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