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Jun 23 2013, 11:04 PM
I did want to mention that many of us thought the reveal of Nick's assault in prison and the fallout might lead to a frank discussion about rape,

If Days was floor, Samis' multiple rapes would be like a hole rotted in it. Instead of fixing the rot, it's left there to decay futher.

By treating Nick's rape with concern, it would be like painting the floor a pretty bright white color around the hole, making it even darker with the contrast.
Oh, totally. No argument there. When they treated Nick's assault the way they did, my initial thought was, "great! They're finally going to address this topic the way they should." I think others had that reaction as well. The idea, of course, is that it would finally open a dialogue for others in Salem to address their own assaults -- including Sami.

Seeing them return to form with Eric and Kristen is disappointing and having the two (Nick and Eric) occur so close together creates a natural comparison.
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