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Jun 23 2013, 08:14 PM
Jun 23 2013, 03:08 AM
Jun 21 2013, 09:33 PM
Wish they would have utilized him earlier as they did with the whole strip club stuff. He really did well. Being inexperienced, they threw him in some crappy storylines and the guy had to struggle. Now that he's showing what he can do........Oh, well, he'll do well with prime time.
This is really the biggest problem I have with Days' approach to casting younger actors. They look for pretty faces with good bodies, but don't really care if they have little or no acting experience. They generally suck for the first few years as the actors get on-the-job training and behind-the-scenes acting lessons. Then, when their acting has finally progressed to the point where they can carry a storyline without it being painful for the audience, the actor's leaves instead of renewing.

TPTB should know that the life-cycle for most young actors on Days is 4-5 years. The runs for Kristen Storms, Rachel Melvin, Molly Burnett, Eric Winter, Kyle Lowder, Darin Brooks were all in that range. Jay Kenneth Johnson's first run was even shorter. And that's not a new thing. Peter Reckell's and Kristian Alfonso's first runs were 4 years, Wayne Northrop's first run was 3, and Stephen Nichols' was 5. And with the budget restrictions, TPTB must know they won't be in a position to open their wallets to offer big contracts to get people to stay.

Knowing that, why can't the show make more of an effort to emphasizes actual acting ability? It looks like the show may have gotten lucky with Casey Moss, who seems to have natural talent, but most of the actors who come to the show with no real TV experience have taken awhile to develop (e.g., Casey, Kate Mansi, Nathan Owens, Molly Burnett, Shelley Hennig; even Chandler didn't really hit his acting stride until Will came out). It would be nice to get more actors who could step in and carry their own weight from the start, and it's not like there aren't hordes of talented, good-looking young actors out there who would jump at the chance to be on Days.
Freddie Smith is a good actor too.
I agree. I didn't mention Freddie because he at least had shown some acting ability in his stint on 90210 before he signed with Days. I consider him more of a known quantity than the actors I mentioned.

I should add that I'm not saying there aren't talented unknowns out there. I'm also not saying that Days shouldn't completely avoid signing totally inexperienced actors. I just think that it should be more of an exception. When the bulk of the teen-scene actors only have one or two tiny TV appearances to their name before getting contract roles and cast members seem to have done more modeling than acting, it decreases the odds of those actors being able to do heavy lifting for the first few years of their contracts. And that seems to lead to the situation we have now, where the actors are finally delivering, but are now at the end of their contracts. I also think adding a top-notch, experienced actor like Blake and giving Freddie more to do is a huge reason why the last year has been one of the most successful in recent memory for the younger cast. But going from a focus on Melanie, Chad, Gabi, Will, and (to a far lesser degree) Sonny, as the show did last year, to storylines focusing mainly on Will, Sonny, Nick, and Gabi (with Chad in a smaller role) is going to make a huge difference in overall acting quality.
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