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Jun 19 2013, 05:36 PM
Well, as both women are written now, Nicole is the lesser of two evils. She is currently not seeking revenge on anyone and trying to hurt innocent people. She's not being written as deadly and dangerous, but as a woman who occasionally makes bad choices, but is tying to change her ways.

You are 100% correct about Nicole's history though. She has certainly pulled villainous crap in the past and very well do so in the future to where she is acting like Kristen currently is. That's the thing with Nicole. She can swing back and forth, and it's perfectly in character for her to do so.
I get what people are saying about Nicole being no saint. She has kidnapped a baby, and the whole other list people have posted. She is no poster child for good behavior, and I never want her to be. Nicole is best with an edge.

The BIG difference between Nicole and Kristen, since I am a long time viewer and remember her first stint very well, is that Kristen is Dimera crazy. Flashback to Paris, the fake baby, Susan Banks, the secret room, and I could go on and on, and you see a woman who is just a very intelligent psycho. She is past bitch somewhere out in bitch universe, unable to connect one dot to another. Kristen see's red, and goes for the jugular, and God above help you if you get in her way of trying to destroy someone.

Both of them plot, both are known for scheming, but I think most longtime viewers would rank Kristen as one of the biggest psychos this show has ever showcased. Good God, how did we ever do without Kristen Dimera?
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