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Jun 24 2013, 09:05 PM
Actually, he probably made a poor decision doing that (you know, like watch what you tweet or put on Facebook about your job sort of thing), but seriously? When you have the whole Kristen story coming down and the blade "mystery" and other things, why another EJami romance tweet? If I was the publicist, I'd be promoting the hell out of things like "Kristen and Eric: Did they or didn't they?". "What did Nicole really see?" "Where is the blade?" "How much does Kate know"? You know, stuff with INTRIGUE?
quoting again to ask: What DID happen with the blade? That whole Marlena/Sami/Hope episode's cliffhanger was left hanging. We haven't seen Hope or Marlena since, and the next time we saw Sami, she had magically been released (which still makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever). We should've seen Hope & Abe working on the case, re-examining all the evidence, going through the list of all the items that were in Rafe's hospital room, etc. If this were the early/mid-2000s, we'd see it all go down in the PD station. (do they even still have the PD squadroom set somewhere? All we've seen of the PD station lately is that one room & hallway, plus Hope's office (which is nothing more than the re-dressed blue room). Oh, and there was the evidence room for an episode or two.
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