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Jun 24 2013, 01:17 AM
I don't think Abe is going to ask WIll about
Sami/Bernardi.Abe said he wanted to talk to
both Will/Sonny.So it has to be about Will getting
shot.Now :flipoff: Adrianne will be itching to do more than
talk to Will about that video.Lights,Camera.Action.
I can see it now.Will runing to EJami about Adrianne
blackmailing him.Sami wanting EJ to take care of
Adrianne.EJ hands are tied.
I don't think Adrienne will go to Will, she will go to Sonny first and Justin to find out what they know but she will probably give it to Abe. She better not try to hurt Will, Sonny won't have that and I think Sami would tell Justin about the video before she lets Will get blackmailed again plus she seems to have more of a problem with Sami than Will she thinks he is like Sami so I think she would turn over the video to Abe if she has it. Maybe Sonny will realize that she has it and deletes it before she can see it.
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