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Jun 25 2013, 12:21 AM
Anybody know anything about this Brent in the WilSon storyline, have they announced the actor playing him yet??? I'm curious about what Will overhears he's got him mamas knack for hearing things not meant for him to hear lol. Where Sami runs off causing mass destruction Will takes it to heart and lets it eat at him. He's supposed to over hear Sonny talking to Adrienne this week too, I hope it's to hear Sonny say he'd pick Will over her. I generally like Adrienne. I love the Kiriakis family dynamic and want to see Will out of his comfort zone, and around them more Sonny's loved by all of Will's fam so it would be nice to see the contrast. Judi is an absolute doll but I don't like what there doing to her character she was fine holding Will's baby one minute TOTALLY against him the next too wishy wash I feel like the tension between Will and Adrienne will always be, maybe not as drastic as Kate and Sami but, friction constantly there.. I hope this living situation is temporary, all those people under one roof ugh. I hope this isn't a DAYS ploy to put off Will and Sonnny's sex life, they are in serious need of a love scene hopefully we get to see their bedroom?? Or will it just be the living room being shown? Gabi needs to find her a good man so the boys can be alone but continue to co-parent little Ari.
In this instance, I don't think Will hears something he's not meant to hear when it comes to Sonny and Brent. I suspect that Adrienne and Brent both fully intended for him to hear every word.

I never have liked Adrienne. She has been against them from day one...before day one actually, but pretended otherwise for a while. She's manipulative and controlling, and really should get her own life and leave her son to live his.

And I agree, the living situation needs to change and soon, but not with Gabi finding a man and living happily ever after. I'm not buying the whole "I didn't know Nick was that way", BS she's been dealing Will and Sonny. She'd heard him make comments about them. He'd already told her point blank how he felt about gays in general. She knew, and yet she stayed with him. Melanie or Chad needs to spill the beans on Gabi Dearest, and her whiney little butt needs to go to the state lockup. There, situation solved. All better!
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