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Episode Eight has been posted

This week on Salem Reborn (6/24)

This week, Salem Reborn welcomes home a new generation of Bradys and Hortons.

Shawn runs up the steps of a stately estate as the front door opens. Out runs rushes a young, blond girl -- Claire -- who hugs him. At the door, a woman steps out. It's Belle.

Jeannie Donovan, wearing only a bra and panties, is shoved against a wall by Christian Reynoso, who pins her arms over her head and gives her a hard, passionate kiss.

Kayla leans through a door of a hospital office and says, "Let me introduce you to University Hospital's newest doctor . . . . Sarah Horton," but the image cuts away before the door opens.

But there is plenty of drama in store for the veterans.

Jack and Abby crouch by a fence, next to what looks like the vineyard. Jack pulls out some wire-cutters. Then he whispers, "Let's see what we can find out."

"I will win this game," EJ says as he looks out into the night from the terrace of his room at the villa. "Nobody will stop me."

Shane, Marlena, and John are seated at an outdoor cafe. Shane says that obviously, there is some kind of competition involved. "Oh there is," John replies.

Ian and Kate are at the airport as a Titan limousine pulls up. Ian opens the door and stops short. Victor is inside.

Abe hugs a sobbing Lexie. "I've got you," he says. "I'm right here."

Elena is talking to a uniformed police officer. She says, "Let's see what else we can find out about William Horton."

Roman and Will are in what looks like John and Marlena's apartment. Will says, "I am gay, Grandpa. That's not a lie."

And one may not survive the week.

A white car spins sharply around the road running past the village. It does not slow, but the door opens. Someone is shoved out of the vehicle. The figure hits the ground and slides along the road, before coming to a stop too far away to be clearly identified.
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