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Loved the look on Teresa's face when Joe questioned her cooking! Very telling.

And what the hell was up with Teresa throwing that water on Joe. That looked weird. Like she was told to do it, nearly forgot before stomping away, remembered and did it very awkwardly. Word of advice: Never try to throw a liquid on somebody that's in a bottle. You end up looking like an idiot because of the way it pours out.

Did anyone catch the OC special?

I found it interesting that it was Vicki's son Michael who set up the whole thing.

I also found it interesting that Jo admitted she only did the show "for love." Slade pushed her to do the show. Further proof that Slade is a media whore. Loved Jo calling out Gretchen for disobeying girl code by getting with Slade after he and Jo split. Of course Gretchen and Slade took to Twitter afterward to defend themselves. They have an excuse and a defense for everything. Everyone lies but them. Get real!

It was nice seeing Jeana (and her kids), Tammy and Lynne. I thought it was really nice for all of the Keough kids to admit their biggest regret was the way they treated Jeana. They were awful towards her! Glad to see they're taking responsibility for how disrespectful they were. But then again, Jeana let them. I just love Jeana.

"Naked Wasted Night" to this day is definitely OC's most famous moment. Loved revisiting it last night. Tamra was so damn evil in Season 4. Not to say that she isn't still a bitch. But that was definitely when she was meanest.

And last but not least. All hail Vicki Gunvalson. Lover her or hate her. She's the OG of the OC.

And not sure if anyone knows but MIA is coming back in August! Only five housewives this season.

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I'll miss Ana and Marysol. And Mama Elsa. All three will still be seen, just not as much. I'm glad to see Alexia back as a main housewife again.
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