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Jun 25 2013, 11:08 AM
Jun 24 2013, 10:52 PM
IMO, Carly on ATWT was hardly a bitch. Not like she is on GH. For some reason, MW feels the need to talk staccato when she is playing a wrathfully bitch and she reminds me of Dick Morris in a blonde wig.
Maura had two tenures on As the World Turns

During her first (spring, 1995 - winter, 1995-96) she wasn't only a conniving bitch, but she was the baddest bitch in all of soap land even trumpeting Blair on One Life to Live, Phyllis on Young and the Restless, etc., etc.

Now when she came back to the show in 1997 after giving birth, the character was EXTREMELY watered down and after the whole Rosanna pays Carly $1 million to have a baby by anybody other than Mike, she was NOTHING like she was in 1995-96.

So if somebody only saw or remembers her from her 1997-2010 run as Carly, I can see why they think she is incapable of being bad-ass ... I have no idea if there are any YouTube videos of Carly Tenney from the summer of 1995, but if so, they will show what a psycho babe she in fact was.

I ADORED that Carly. She was a HUGE bitch and so conniving. :wub2: She was never the same after Maura returned is right, but I still loved her and every so often that Queen B would resurface.
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