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Wow, this is amazing news about Richard Bloore! He is just SO good. In his previous stint at Days, you could tell he'd read the scripts and knew the progression of an outfit. For example, I don't think Eileen's "wow I didn't realize I'd have that dress on for a month" scenario would have ever happened on his watch. Additionally, he'd dress the characters according to their roles within the story. In the 90's, Marlena would often be in a white feminine outfit while Kristen would be in blacks and reds with sharply angled cuts. Deidre used to joke that you knew Marlena would be in some dire situation whenever she wore white! Probably because it got dirty quickly and showed on camera right away, like when she was in the pit or in the water in Aremid. It's not an easy job at all to make sure everyone is dressed in character, and there aren't two characters in the same color or "look" in one scene when they shouldn't be, AND that an outfit is suitable physically for everything the character has to experience while wearing it. And the sad part is, I'm not even convinced that anyone since Bloore has even thought of any of these things at all. Welcome back, Richard - you've been missed!
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