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Wednesday's episode was AMAZING!

Was this Debbi Morgans heaviest material to work with or what? She had to nail the crying/anguish for Cass in EVERY scene. She did magnificent and I hope she's recognized greatly in some way for it next year.

Hunter makes me LOL so hard. Him vs AJ didn't disappoint. Billy Clyde showing up and saving AJ? F'ing BRILLIANT! LMAO!! I love how they tied him in & had him realize it was Dixie's Grandson he saved. Nice!

I'm not here for this new Dr. Anders guy. SMUG, zero bedside mannered douche. They casted the totally wrong actor for this role and he looks like a Griffin clone! This actually all could've been Griff's story! The doctor stuff and the hinting at a relationship with Dixie!

I LOVED Angie going in on Dr. Anders, calling him a jackass & saying he didn't have a vote :lol:
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